Our Story
Laurel Wheat is a Singapore based Company that specializes in providing the best quality and wide
assortment of healthy food. This stems from our personal experience with health afflicted
issues and understanding that changes in our diet can help us to bring about better health conditions.
We started this because some of our family and friends suffers from diabetes for many years.
Most who has been on a strict sugar free controlled diet, live healthier. So, we began to search for
good sources of sugar free foods internationally. In the process, we had also come across other
great products we truly believe that they are also beneficial for us. It was timely as recently,
the Health Ministry announced, Diabetes sufferers continue to rise despite all these years of support given to
Diabetes treatment. We truly believe that a change in diet helps maintain and prevent worsening of the condition.
Apart from Diet, we have now evolve and extend into Health and Beauty products. Always supporting
non-invasive methods of healing by ensuring our products are as natural as possible. 
Our Source
Our sincere relationships with our Partners has allow us to bring the freshest products to you.
We also love supporting their work by getting reliable sources from environmental friendly farmers.
And we hope to build on this environment of trust so that we can also earn your trust.
We also hope to continue expanding our range but we will ensure we get the best products for you and not compromising on quality.
Our Mission, Vision and Values
1. To create unprecedented value and opportunity for all our customers, business partners and
2. Changing the Way we Work, Live, Play and Learn through a healthier you
3. PASSION for the things we do
4. Provide the BEST QUALITY always
5. GIVE BACK to the community at large
6. Build and earn TRUST
7. FAIRNESS to all
So why Laurel Wheat?
We honour Mother Nature for bringing us Healthy Food with Healthier Choices.
We have products that can be suitable for people with different health conditions. For instance, we have:
– No Sugar added range suitable for Diabetes sufferers and we have them available in Cereal for
Breakfast and Pastas as mains.
– Gluten Free pastas and Vegetables stocks great for Vegan and people who are sensitive to
– Probiotics snacks for people who crave for snacks but are susceptible to gut and bloated
– Superfood Manuka Honey range that are blended with either Ginger, Turmeric, Moringa,
Blueberries and other Berries for overall health support,
– Aesthetic Healing range from Cellutima using Soybean as a base ingredient and combined with technology to
create EU patented formulations of overall skin, body and scalp treatments.
Thus, it is important to not only eat healthy wholesome food but also using products that are
less harmful to our body. Having said that, we truly understand that a healthy lifestyle
and mind is also as important. As we love being in a comfortable and happy environment all the time,
we want to translate them into all the things we do.
So, I am hopeful we can help you live a quality life with that philosophy and that you continue this life long journey with us.
Our service is now online and we are delivering island wide.